With industries as diverse as the companies that comprise them, Greater Sacramento is a launching pad for small startups and international corporations alike. Below are a few areas our region excels in.


Greater Sacramento combines agricultural abundance from farmers to processors, highly skilled science and tech talent and the #1 agricultural sciences university in the nation–UC Davis.


The region’s cutting-edge life sciences ecosystem spans from groundbreaking medical research to burgeoning biotech and medical device startups.


With the California Mobility Center set to launch in 2020 and an already growing sector of research and development, both by private companies and educational institutions, the region is primed to become a world leader in future mobility.


Greater Sacramento offers a diverse technology industry with developments spanning from hardware to software design across numerous industries, including biomedicine, agriculture and mobility.


The Port of West Sacramento, a Foreign Trade Zone, and major east-west and north-south freeways offer seamless connection and potential cost savings for advanced manufacturing operations while local initiatives ensure skilled labor is always on-hand.


With numerous incubators, pitch competitions, accelerators and a variety of affordable coworking spaces, Greater Sacramento has a thriving startup scene.